education/special education


Know Your Rights

As a parent, you have certain rights that affect your child's education.   If your child has special needs, those rights can affect the education they receive and ensure it is individualized to meet their needs. 

Free Appropriate Public Education

Children with disabilities have the right to a free appropriate public education (FAPE) from their local school district.  School districts are required to develop an individualized education plan (IEP).  working with the child's parents.  Parents have rights to participate in the identification of their child as in need of special education and in deciding how the educational services will be provided. 

Disability Accomodations

Schools must provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities, whether or not they are in special education.  Parents are important partners in identifying a child's need for accommodation and  the best way to do it. 


To receive any educational services from a school district, the child must be considered a resident of the district.  If a district disputes residence, parents have rights to establish that their child is entitled to attend their school.


Bullying is a significant problem for some children in school.  It is heartbreaking for a parent, but you and your child can fight back.


Children subject to discipline in their school have due process rights to challenge the claims made against them.  An experienced attorney may be able to make the difference in a school suspension or expulsion.

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