Child Custody

Experience Counts in your Custody Attorney

Are you in a situation where you are afraid of losing custody of your children?  Child custody defines a family.  If asked, most people will tell you that their children are their lives.  The relationships children have with adults in their lives shape who they will become as adults. The custody process is intended to provide children with the best opportunity to have a healthy relationship with both of their parents, even if the parents are no longer together.  Many Chester County parents are able to work out issues around custody; however, many others cannot co-parent and resolve issues without help from the law.

Penelope A. Boyd has been representing parents in custody cases for over 20 years.  Having an experienced child custody lawyer is important -- your decisions can affect your time with your child as well as your legal power to make decisions about their lives.  

Forty years' experience practicing law has given us the tools to work with you to get the best possible result in your custody case.  It also gives a perspective on advising and litigating a custody case that may impact your family. If you are living with domestic violence or abuse, you need an attorney who understands the options and who will advocate for safety.   Your custody attorney should not only understand custody law but also the effects of mental health and disability on parenting.  If your child has special needs, having an attorney familiar with special education law  will avoid pitfalls in custody that may affect you.  

Pennsylvania's custody statute sets 16 factors to be considered in awarding custody.  These factors are intended to evaluate a parent's approach toward raising the child in a healthy, safe and supportive environment.  Children should not be caught in the crossfire of their parents' lives and, to the extent possible, have ongoing and healthy contact with extended family.


Mother and child having picnic during custody time

Mother and child having picnic during custody time

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