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  • According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (www.pcadv.org), one in four women and one in seven men are the victims of  physical violence by an intimate partner.     Many more people live with ongoing verbal, emotional and financial abuse.  You don't have to have a black eye to be a victim of abuse, but you may need to consult domestic violence lawyer familiar with the laws intended to protect victims in Pennsylvania courts.  In these cases, experience counts.  

  • Domestic violence doesn't care about your socioeconomic class, education level, or age.  Abuse occurs where there is an imbalance of power in a relationship  and that imbalance is used by one person to control the other.  

  • Pennsylvania statutes offer remedies to some victims of domestic violence and abuse, including:
    1. Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders protect family and household members from abuse.
    2. Protection from Sexual Violence and Intimidation (PSVI) orders offer protection to victims of sexual assault and harassment and children from intimidation by adults.  

  • Penelope A. Boyd has been representing victims of domestic violence for over twenty years.  She is an experienced PFA lawyer and has represented hundreds of parties in PFA and PSVI actions.  She has represented more in divorce and family law, particularly in custody other family law actions in West Chester and the surrounding counties. Domestic violence can touch all areas of family law.  Consult with an attorney who can help you make choices that advance your goals and protects you and your family.


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